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Right to Light Surveyors

Our right to light surveyors provide expert advice and reports to help you achieve your goals


Planning Reports

Home planning

BRE Compliant reports to help guide planning decisions

BRE Compliant reports to help guide planning decisions

Rights of Light

Right to light surveyors

Expert advice on all aspects of legal rights of light


Planning Reports
Planning Reports Our daylight and sunlight surveyors provide design advice and reports to confirm that new developments meet planning requirements...
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Right to Light surveyors
Rights of Light A right to light is a civil matter and is separate from daylight and sunlight as considered by Local Planning Authorities. Rights of light must...
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Planning Reports
Affected by a Development? Whether you are a home owner, or involved with residential or commercial property on a larger scale, we can help you to safeguard your...
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Republic of Ireland – Rights of Light Law

A right to light is a type of easement, which means it is the right of one landowner to make the use of another nearby piece of land (not owned by them) for the benefit of their own land. In the specific case of rights of light, this benefits the buildings on the dominant land, allowing them to receive light into those buildings through windows, skylights and glass roofs (or similar) across the neighbouring servient land.

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What changes are being considered to Permitted Development Rights? How could this affect you?

With High Streets declining and the demand for housing increasing, the Government is considering extending current permitted development rights in order to combat the slow supply of new dwellings and to help High Streets adapt to changes in consumer behaviour. However, the approach has been criticised heavily,

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Right of light fact sheets download
Updated Fact Sheets Published Right of Light Consulting published a series of 7 fact sheets. The fact sheets are... Read more

Fact sheets

This fact sheet uses simple diagrams to help explain the correct application of the 25 degree and 45 degree rule of thumb planning tests. Read >>

This fact sheet describes the tests used by Local Authorities when deciding over planning applications. Read >>

If you are dealing with a right of light issue for the first time, then you will find this fact sheet useful. Read >>

Light Obstruction Notices can be used to prevent a neighbouring property from acquiring a right of light under the Prescription Act 1832. Read >>

This fact sheet summarises important rights of light cases. Read >>

This fact sheet is aimed at developers and their professional advisors and gives practical tips on how to manage the risks associated with legal rights of light. Read >>

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