Fact Sheet 5: Important Rights of Light Cases

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This fact sheet summarises the following rights of light cases:

  • Beaumont Business Centres Ltd V Florala Properties Ltd (2018)
  • Humphrey v Rogers (2017)
  • Ottercroft Ltd v Scandia Care Ltd and Dr Mehrdad Rahimian (2016)
  • Scott v Aimiuwu (2015)
  • Coventry v Lawrence (2014)
  • HKR UK II v Heaney (2010)
  • Regan v Paul Properties (2007)
  • Tamares (Vincent Square) Ltd v Fairpoint Properties (Vincent Square) Ltd (2006)
  • Midtown Ltd v City of London Real Property Company Ltd (2005)
  • Deakins v Hookings (1993)
  • Carr-Saunders v Dick McNeil Associates Ltd and others (1986)
  • Ough v King (1967)
  • Sheffield Masonic v Sheffield Corporation (1939)
  • Ankerson v Connelly (1907)
  • Colls v Home and Colonial Stores (1904)
  • Shelfer v City of London Electric Lighting Company (1895)

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    Fact Sheet 5: Important Rights of Light Cases

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