Does your next project need a daylight and sunlight assessment to support the planning application?

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Our experienced technical team is on hand to provide fast and accurate daylight and sunlight assessments. 

When deciding over planning applications local authorities will be guided by the tests laid out in the Building Research Establishment (BRE) document ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: A guide to good practice (2022)’

Our surveying professionals have a deep understanding of the BRE daylight and sunlight guidance and wider planning criteria including the NPPG and NPPF.  This puts us in a prime position to offer outstanding advice and produce robust reports to deal with even the most challenging projects. 

Daylight and Sunlight Reports

Different Types of Reports We Offer:

Neighbouring Properties Report

Neighbouring Properties Report

If you already have a design, we can test its impact on neighbouring properties. If you are at an early stage of design, we can help you to maximise development potential by calculating a development envelope.  We will then provide a robust report to support the planning application.

A BRE neighbouring properties report will typically contain the following tests:

  • Vertical Sky Component
  • Daylight Distribution / No Sky Line
  • Daylight Provision (where BRE Appendix F criteria applies)
  • Annual Probable Sunlight Hours
  • Overshadowing to Gardens and Open Spaces
Neighbouring Properties Report

Within Development Report

Local Authorities sometimes require a report to confirm adequate levels of natural light within the proposed development itself.  To ensure planning criteria is met, we can give guidance to the design team on the building design and specification.  

A BRE within development report will typically contain the following tests:

  • Daylight Provision
  • Exposure to Sunlight
  • Overshadowing to Gardens and Open Spaces

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