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SERVICES | Party Wall Notices & Awards

Adjoining Owners

If you have received a notice regarding works on or near your shared party wall, boundary wall or other party structure, it is essential that you respond to the notice correctly. We can help you to respond correctly to the notice to ensure that any works progress lawfully, with the correct agreements and safeguards in place. Your neighbour can appoint a surveyor on your behalf if you fail to do so yourself. Alternatively, we can consider whether the proposed development is likely to fall within the scope of the Act and advise you in order to prevent work proceeding unlawfully.

Surveyors duties to agree on costs, including the Adjoining Owner’s surveyors’ fees, are contained within the body of the Award. The building owner would generally have to pay for the reasonable fees of the adjoining owner’s surveyor etc.

To speak to a surveyor please call 0800 197 4836 or email enquiries@right-of-light.co.uk