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SERVICES | Affected by development?


Step 2: Act on your behalf

If we establish that you have a case that is worth pursuing, we will help protect your interests. We will always seek to maintain neighbourly relations and will consult with you about the best way to approach your neighbour. However, we understand that disputes are a fact of life and that relations with your neighbour may have already been soured and we are prepared for that. We succeed by focusing on the issues and asserting your legal rights in a professional way.


If the development is going through the planning process we will seek to ensure that your interests are protected. We will engage directly with the case officer and write to the Local Authority on your behalf.

Rights of Light

We may be able to use your right of light to curtail the size of the development; or in some cases prevent the development altogether. Alternatively, if you are considering surrendering your right to light, we can advise you on the quantum of compensation to expect and negotiate an acceptable settlement on your behalf.


To speak to a surveyor please call 0800 197 4836 or email enquiries@right-of-light.co.uk